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Expandable Refrigerator Organizer

Expandable Refrigerator Organizer

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Good kitchenware can give you a wonderful cooking experience!

Finally, the solution to making your fridge more functional and keep it tidy too! We've got you covered! The perfect fridge drawer for all your food needs. 

This simple Fridge Drawer Organiser helps food last longer with improved airflow. It keeps food fresh by allowing adequate levels of air circulation which reduces condensation. This means less spoilage, and a clean, organised space for other items you need in the fridge. 


Wide Application: It can use as a fruit container, vegetable container, or even as a storage space for eggs. It can be used to wash and drain fresh produce before storing it neatly inside, too.

Safe & Durable: It's spacious, durable, convenient and so easy to use; it stores away in like a night-stand with zero fuss! The drainage design lets you use it as a kitchen colander and strainer to wash and drain fruit/veg!

Tools-free Installation: Simply slot these baskets on the fridge shelf less than 0.6 inches thick. You can also slot them wherever else that's convenient for your day-to-day routine - countertop, tabletop or hang it under the desk.

Lightweight & space-saver: This compact utensil is perfect for any environment. Use your drawer organiser anywhere you want to keep things orderly while staying creative.

Easy storage: Ideal for use on a countertop or tabletop as well as inside the fridge door in extremely shallow spaces - making it an easy storage solution that is beautifully designed and functional.

Neat and Tidy: This organizer is perfect for keeping the fridge neat and tidy! This is great if you have limited space because it hangs on the side of the fridge meaning that you can organise all your food in one place, an all-purpose organiser that clutters any kitchen desk!

Key features:

  • Stretchable Design
  • No Installation Needed
  • Flexible and Durable


  • Min: L 20.5cm x W 16.4cm x D 7.6cm
  • Max: L 28.5cm x W 16.4cm x D 7.6cm
  • Suitable for shelves' thickness of 1.2cm or below


1 pc x Expandable Fridge Organiser

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