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🔥Cool Harley Biker Gnome

🔥Cool Harley Biker Gnome

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😍Hear the roar of a Harley? The coolest gnome ever was born! 😍
He's definitely the coolest midget I've ever seen and his details tell a true Harley story!

  • This handcrafted frame features a weighted bottom, genuine Harley patches on the hood, patriotic American flags on the sleeves, faux leather sleeves, body and boots and silver studs.

  • 🔥This is a dwarf full of details, you can get the Harley spirit you want in him! 🔥

  • 💖It is also a perfect gift for your friends who love Harleys or gnomes, 💖Trust me, your friends will be very happy when they receive this very cool gnome! Imagine their smiles when they receive their gifts! 😊

  • He's about 10 inches tall and 4 inches wide depending on the position of the hat. The body is made of soft wool and the beard is faux fur. All gnomes are handmade so no two gnomes are exactly the same. I crafted these gnomes because I'm a gnome lover myself and I hope you'll enjoy my creations too!

  • All products are made in the USA with the same attention to detail. I make my gnomes out of high-quality fabric stuffed with polyester or foam. The beard is made of luxurious faux fur. These gnomes are made with a flat base and a heavy weight to ensure a stable sitting position.


Dimensions: Height: 10 inches.
Style: Handmade items of my own design.
Material: fabric.
Measurements are approximate from tip to tip.

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