About us

Welcome to Lionclay, we, Lionclay, are a store specializing in the design and production of home carved decorations. Lionclay was founded in 2022 by a group of artists who love traditional crafts. We are committed to inheriting traditional Chinese carving art and bringing unique charm to contemporary homes. charm.
Lionclay adheres to the concept of "returning to nature and quality life". We select environmentally friendly and natural raw materials, inherit ancient hand-carving techniques, and carefully create home decorations full of simple charm. Our works are deeply inspired by natural elements, with simple and natural shapes and smooth and soft lines. We hope to bring back quality life to customers through Oriental carving products.
We focus on the uniqueness of each piece. From material selection to carving process, we have an attitude of excellence and a persistent pursuit of craftsmanship. We downplay complex patterns and focus on natural curves and individual expression. We hope that each sculpture can become a personalized decoration for the customer's home.
In the future development, Oriental Carving will inherit the glorious tradition, continuously innovate design concepts, and provide customers with richer product choices and home life solutions. We look forward to experiencing the simple and environmentally friendly oriental aesthetic life with you.
Finally, we sincerely thank every customer and friend who supports Oriental Carving! Your support is the driving force for our continuous breakthrough and progress. We look forward to continuing to work with you to feel inspired by nature and create a simple and beautiful life.

Thank you for choosing our products and services. We will repay your trust and support with better quality, more favorable prices, and more professional services.

Email: wonderfull20210419@gmail.com