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Nine Eyes Dzi Bead Brave Bracelet

Nine Eyes Dzi Bead Brave Bracelet

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Looking for a truly special gift that combines elegance and profound symbolism?

The Nine-eyed Dzi Bead Bracelet is the perfect choice. Delve into its rich spiritual significance while enjoying its timeless beauty.

Peace and health, all the best.

The longer you wear it, the more spiritual it becomes.

Wear it for a long time to keep your family safe.

What Are Dzi Beads?

Dzi beads are one of the most important Buddhist artifacts, symbolizing the truth and wisdom of Buddhism,and are believed to have mystical powers.


Attracting Good Luck and Prosperity: The Nine-eyed Dzi Bead is celebrated for its ability to usher in good fortune, success in business, and robust health. It's believed to create a path of smooth financial growth and a life filled with harmony.

Dynamic Rotating Bead: What sets this bracelet apart is the extraordinary Nine-eyed Dzi Bead that can rotate a full 360 degrees. This captivating feature adds a touch of uniqueness and interactivity to your accessory, making it even more special.

Profound Spiritual Significance: Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Nine-eyed Dzi Bead carries deep spiritual meaning. It acts as a protective shield against negativity, encourages healing, and fosters inner strength. It symbolizes blessings, wisdom, and enlightenment, making it a meaningful addition to your life.

The Gift of Blessings: Whether you're seeking the perfect gift for a friend or family member, the Nine-eyed Dzi Bead Bracelet is an excellent choice. It's a token of positivity and well-wishes that can be treasured for a lifetime. Show someone you care by presenting them with this powerful symbol of prosperity.


Type: E090, E091

Length: 17.5cm, 19.5cm, 21.5cm

Weight: About 56-61g

Material: Copper plated

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