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Alden Acrylic Wooden Calendar

Alden Acrylic Wooden Calendar

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We present to your attention a unique calendar. Made from high-strength ABS plastic and hardwood.

The peculiarity of this calendar is that the user can choose what day it is, and what day and month it is. The calendar can be used until it wears out. With proper care, it will last for several years.

The calendar is available in two colors: black with white pointers, and white with red pointers. Can be used as a daily calendar. In addition, it will be an interesting and useful gift for a colleague, friend, or relative.

This one-page plastic calendar can be used as a personalized desktop decoration at home or in the office.

The main advantages of plastic calendar are:

  • one-piece design;
  • compact dimensions;
  • the ability to decorate the calendar with stickers or drawings
  • versatility in use;
  • quality.

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