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Automatic Induction 3D Double-Sided Corner Wall Clock

Automatic Induction 3D Double-Sided Corner Wall Clock

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Looking for a stylish wall clock that adds a modern touch to your home?

This stylish wall clock features a modern design that will fit in perfectly with any home decor. With its automatic induction technology, you can be sure that your clock will always be accurate and reliable. Plus, its 3D outer corner design makes it a unique and eye-catching piece that will be sure to draw attention. Make your home stand out with the Automatic Induction 3D Double-Sided Corner Wall Clock!


Constant Light Mode & Human Body Sensing Mode - This Corner Wall Clock features a constant light mode and a human body sensing mode. The constant light mode ensures that the clock is always visible, while the human body sensing mode helps to save energy by automatically turning on the light when someone is nearby and turning it off when no one is present.

Silent Movement & Accurate Timing - This wall clock operates silently and accurately, so you won't be disturbed by ticking noises.

Creative Wall Clock - This wall clock features an Arabic numeral scale and a simple style, which makes it easy to view the time. It is also designed to fit into the outer corner of the wall, which is a creative and unique way to display a wall clock. The simple style of the clock also makes it a great choice for those who want to add a creative touch to any room.

Soft Light - The wall clock has a soft light, which is eye-friendly and can easier to read the time in the dark. The soft light also helps to create a cozy atmosphere in the room.

Application - This wall clock can be used in various places, such as kitchens, restaurants, living rooms, bedrooms, foyers, corridors, bars, restaurants, cafeterias, store clocks, bathroom and offices.


Minimalist style

Human body induction

Soft light

Silent movement

Accurate timing

Wide application


Size: 20 * 20cm

Color: White, Yellow, Blue, Pink

Type: With light, Without light

Thickness: 10mm

Shell Material: Plastic

Dial Material: Iron

Battery: 2 No. 7 batteries (Complimentary battery)

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