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Handmade Wooden Cute Bird Doorbell

Handmade Wooden Cute Bird Doorbell

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The special copper cup has a crisp and sweet ringtone; there are four magnets on the back of the doorbell, which can be easily attached to the iron metal door and the refrigerator door; through the gift of non-marking glue and iron sheet, it can also be attached to the wooden door or glass door.

Special copper cup, with crisp ringtone and melodious sound. Traceless installation, worry-free use. Small and versatile, which is very coordinated on any door. The appearance is gentle and delicate

Size: 12.5cm*7.5cm*4.3cm
Material: Black walnut/Safflower pear/White chicken wings

This product is made of solid wood. Please avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, keep away from heat sources (such as heating, air conditioning, etc.), and avoid prolonged soaking. Avoid using chemical solvents such as alcohol and gasoline to wipe products.


Notes Before Buying Wood Products: Due to the natural characteristics of wood, there are unavoidable for wood color difference, white edges, tree knot, small cracks, shade, mineral streaks, slight tree holes and slight deformation or processing marks, which are not quality problems.

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