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Rat repellent pills, insect repellent pills

Rat repellent pills, insect repellent pills

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  • Solve the problems of pests and mice. Repel common rodents such as bed bugs, mosquitoes, mice, cockroaches, etc.

    Easy to use, just place it where you need it

    It is recommended to place 1-2 bags for general rodent infestations and 3-5 bags for severe rodent infestations

    The main raw material of this product is plant extract with strong smell and no side effects. It emits a volatile smell that causes discomfort to rodents, makes them flee the environment and serves the purpose of repelling them.

pro D UK T information

  • Product Name: Insect Repellent Rat Pills

    Product specification: 10 capsules/bag

    Product ingredients: camphor, quartz sand, mint, ginger

    Shelf life: three years

    Areas of use: car engine room, room, living room, locker, kitchen cabinet, etc.

    Application: Place it where it is to be used.


  • Please keep out of the reach of children

    This product is prohibited

    If accidentally swallowed, seek medical attention immediately

    This product is a volatile product. Avoid direct sunlight.

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