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winter fleece thick knitted bottoming shirt

winter fleece thick knitted bottoming shirt

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With the Alaska Sweater enjoy a pleasant feeling of warmth even in freezing cold and go through the winter months with an attractive look ! If you want to spend the winter warm, then the knitted Sweater is for you. Its fleece interior keeps all the heat in. Tested down to -30°!   

LUXURY MATERIAL FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT : The material  of this knitted sweater is of premium quality. It is  soft, stretchy, warm  and guarantees  maximum comfort . It adapts to all types of people. Do n't scratch, a cloud of softness. W e work with craftsmen who have  know-how.


SIZE Équivalence Chest size
XS  34/36 82 cm
S 36/38 88 cm
M 38/40 92 cm
L 40/42 96 cm
XL 42/44 100 cm
2XL 44/46 115 cm
3XL 46/48 125 cm


⚠️ This item is  very popular right now . Once the stocks are exhausted it will not be available for several months.


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