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🔥 DadBod Summer Water Guns

🔥 DadBod Summer Water Guns

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Pick Your Fighter

🔥 Automatic Reload
The Bodinator & Dad Cannon, come with an automated reload. Just dip the gun in water, and let the tanks fill on their own.

💧Large Tank

Tank Capacity is ordered from smallest to largest: Aqua Blaster, Aqua Defender, Hydro Blaster, Dad Cannon, Moderator

🔋 Leak Proof

Each build comes fully insulated. No water can get inside the leak-proof battery compartment. 


Built with the highest quality plastics, every gun is made to stand the test of time. 


Each gun has a different shooting distance. Depending on the gun you select, you'll either be sacrificing distance for mobility or the other way around. 

The choice is yours!


What's Included?

Every gun comes with: 

- Included Battery

- USB Charging Cable

- 180-Day Warrant

Note: The Bodinator & Dad Cannon comes with an additional suction device, for automatic refills.



+ How far can the water guns shoot?

Dad Cannon: 60ft

The Moderator: 60ft

Hydro Blaster: 45ft

Aqua Defender: 40ft

Aqua Blaster: 35ft

Do I have to replace the battery or is it rechargeable?

The battery is rechargeable. A USB charging cable is provided with every gun.

How long does it take to charge?

On average it takes around 90 minutes for a full charge and around 45 minutes for a 70% Charge.

What ages can use these?

The DadBod Water Gun collection is fun for all ages 3 and up! Adult supervision is recommended.

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